5 Shameless Predictions for South Africa

What could be the highlight of the cricketing summer is set to start imminently, and the question all commentators are asking is: can South Africa beat Australia at home? Away teams have had more than their share of success between the two sides for decades, and on paper, both teams look very strong. South Africa… Continue reading 5 Shameless Predictions for South Africa

Don’t Forget About South Africa

There’s limited room for sport in the Australian collective psyche, so it’s no surprise that the upcoming tour of South Africa has fallen off the radar somewhat, replaced (deservedly) by Scotty James, Matt Graham and the rest of the team over in South Korea. Overseas cricket tends to attract little attention here in Australia, but… Continue reading Don’t Forget About South Africa

The Middle Kid of Cricket

I’m an eldest sibling, which, stereotypically, is a blessing that brings with it sublime confidence associated with being older than those around you most of the time. According to the Huffington Post (who have, by the way, successfully morphed themselves from “click-snatcher” to “fountain of mainstream wisdom”), I should be a high-achievement standard bearer and… Continue reading The Middle Kid of Cricket

The Channel 9 Commentary Team is Pretty Good.

A word for the nine men onerously tasked to watch cricket all day and make it interesting to millions. Punters regularly put out a kaleidoscope of arguments as to why the current, markedly unkaleidoscopic, commentary team is as bad a lineup as the English top order. They reek of Inner West snobbery and usually has… Continue reading The Channel 9 Commentary Team is Pretty Good.

2017/18 Ashes in Stats, So Far

Two interesting matches so far with large margins of victory take us to Perth tomorrow, where Australia haven’t won since 2013. England, written off by most, need to extend Australia’s dry spell there to keep the series alive. A draw, which is a potentially likely result given the Shield results so far (the two highest… Continue reading 2017/18 Ashes in Stats, So Far

Adelaide Preview, or Why England Might Make it to Sydney Alive

A nasty, albeit purist, habit of mine is to support the visitors until a mythologised deciding Sydney Test—in which the Australians gloriously conquer the opposition and Test cricket resumes its rightful place as the king of sport in the Aussie cultural zeitgeist. Sadly, however, only one New Year’s Test has been played in my lifetime… Continue reading Adelaide Preview, or Why England Might Make it to Sydney Alive